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with Food is Fun, Beer Sommelier & SongDivision

Bring the Christmas spirit to your guest’s home by cooking an easy roast with a friendly chef from Food is Fun, tasting 5 different craft beers while being entertained by award winning SongDivision musicians.  
Dress up and get ready to eat, drink, sing and dance safely!

Can you believe that Christmas is around the corner?! 

We do, that’s why we decided to create the most virtual-delicious P.A.R.T.Y!

Combining the cooking experts from Food is Fun, a social enterprise aka business for good, beer tasting and with the sensational SongDivision music entertainment, we have produced a must do Christmas virtual experience. 

Participants will receive in advance a recipe card with a list of items necessary to shop to be able to cook an easy roast plus you don't need to worry, a vegan/vegetarian alternative recipe will be in place. While the roast is cooking, guests will taste 5 different craft beers with a Beer Sommelier. The beers will be delivered at participants' home in advance alongside with a pair of the social conscious stand4socks as a Christmas gift, which another pair is delivered to the homeless shelter. 

Dust off your Christmas jumper and get ready to cook, eat, drink, dance, and rock and roll on the coolest and kindest Christmas Party of the season! 

The event is giving back 5% of the event profit to Food is Fun, a social enterprise that improves the health and mental well-being of people of all ages by using food as a connector. Currently, all profits are reinvested into the organisation to part-fund their “Pick and Mix Enrichment Programme for Primary Schools”; teaching children essential cooking skills and the importance of healthy eating through hands-on food-related activities.

So, what are you waiting for?! This Christmas choose to book a meaningful and fun Christmas Party!




•    3-hours private party includes: cooking with a professional chef from Food is Fun, Beer Sommelier & entertained by SongDivision
•    Guest registration
•    Secure video conferencing tech platform 
•    Recipe card (standard and vegan/vegetarian option)

      *participants would need to shop the fresh ingredients.

•    Beer tasting of 5 different beers – delivered conveniently at home

•    Gift: 1 x pair of socks from stand4socks a social enterprise that delivers one pair of socks to a homeless shelter for each pair bought

•    1 x social media post #your company name posted on SongDivision 
•    90 seconds highlight video to be used on your marketing collateral 
•    A dedicated event manager to run the virtual event smoothly
•    5% donation from the event profit under your company name going towards Food is Fun 
•    Certificate | Business for good




18:00    Welcome from SongDivision 
             Housekeeping & Intro to the expert chef 
18:10    Christmas cooking experience starts

19:10    Beer tasting starts while waiting the roast

20:00    Beer tasting concludes
20:10    Christmas cooking experience concludes 
             SongDivision happy hour starts
21:00    Event concludes 


Food is Fun CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise. Established in 2009 with the goal to improve relationships with food in a fun way! 


Please note: choose your preferable date and time. Itinerary example; timings are provisional and may be subject of change.

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