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hosted by Adrianne Carter!

Learn how to connect emotionally and understand people real feelings with the UK’s foremost expert in faces, emotions and body language!

Learn the art of face expressions reading and body language to help connect better with your team, clients and prospect clients.

During this virtual workshop session, the UK’s foremost expert will teach you how to read face expressions and body language of people surround you and how you could apply this new skill in your favor to bond with your team, clients, suppliers, partners and collaborators. 

The workshop goal is to improve the business communication, increase sales, improve meetings outcome and finally help identify mental health distress around you. 

After all, the face says it all! 




•    1-hour workshop hosted by Adrianne Carter – UK’s foremost expert in faces

•    30 minutes networking 
•    Guest registration
•    Secure video conferencing tech platform
•    Event survey (post-event)
•    A dedicated event manager to run the virtual event smoothly
•    5% from the event profit donated as a one-off under your company name to Samaritans, a UK registered charity with the mission to work tirelessly to reach more people and make suicide prevention a priority.
•    Certificate| Business for good 

Please note: the charity is not the event organiser; the donation is proceeded in good faith.




16:00    The Face Whisperer Workshop starts
17:00    The Face Whisperer Workshop concludes

              Networking starts

17:30     Event concludes 


Please note: choose your preferable date and time. Itinerary example; timings are provisional and may be subject of change

Samaritans is a charity working across the UK and Ireland. They offer listening and support to people and communities in times of need. They help people find ways to cope and learn the skills to be there for others.
Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy, and Samaritans’ vision is that fewer people die by suicide.
That’s why they work tirelessly to reach more people and make suicide prevention a priority.

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