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hosted by Parveen Ashraf 

Learn how to cook authentic Indian recipes in an easy step-by-step format with ITV’s Spice Queen chef!

Reward your top clients or team mates with the most authentic cooking experience in the market.

Get ready to learn the delicious Indian food top secrets, normally handed from mother to daughter.

The superstar Parveen Ashraf known as The Spice Queen will host this very special culinary experience sharing her top tips, stories and teaching how to cook a fresh and delightful Indian meal. 

Inspired by the television show, she will show step-by-step how to make an Indian classic as the chicken masala or lamb bhuna and don’t worry veggie/vegans are very welcomed. 

The best part: spice and food ingredients can be conveniently delivered to home!

Be ready to learn, cook, eat and have fun in a VIP experience while giving back to One Family Charity!





•    2-hours private cooking experience 

•    Guest registration

•    Secure tech video conferencing platform 

•    Spice Kit delivered at home

•    1 x social media post with your company #
•    A dedicated event manager to run the virtual event smoothly
•    5% donation from event profit towards One Family Charity
•    Certificate | Business for Good


All items included on Bronze plus all fresh food items necessary delivered at home*


All items included on Silver plus: 

•    1 hour extra cooking

•    1 x Cookbook pp signed including a dedicatory message by Parveen Ashraf

*Please note: delivery restrictions apply, please consult.




18:00    Welcome from superstar Parveen Ashraf 
18:15    VIP cooking experience starts
19:45    Cooking concludes 
             Q&A starts
20:00    VIP cooking experience concludes 

A UK-registered charity dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable across the globe. Our TV chef Parveen is personally involved with their anti-trafficking programme in Nepal. She will be traveling there to work & help the young girls with their cafe project.


Please note: choose your preferable date and time. Itinerary example; timings are provisional and may be subject of change

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