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Combining a video conferencing software and The Lewis Moody Foundation app, the Quiz goal is to connect, engage, educate and entertain your top clients or employees. 

The event kicks-off with Rugby Legend Lewis Moody and a friendly event facilitator briefing your participants together and letting them know what to expect from the Quiz. Your participants will then be split into teams, playing against each other to see who can score the highest number of points!

The app has a sequence of questions and challenges and teams must work their way through the challenges to progress to the next stage. 

There’s a huge variety of content to keep teams engaged, including a special round with The Lewis Moody Foundation challenge. The live scoreboard will keep the momentum going and enable teams to check their progress and let them know if they need to up their game! 
The aim of the game is simple: complete as many challenges as possible within the given time to score the highest points and be crowned the winners at the end of the Virtual Team Quiz by Lewis Moody.

Participants will then take part in a very special Q&A with Lewis Moody as the grand finale treat on the VIP Virtual Team Quiz!



Keep the mind fresh and sharp on this energetic and fun team building Quiz in aid of The Lewis Moody Foundation, and help tackle brain tumours!  

hosted by Lewis Moody MBE



•    1 hour experience hosted by Lewis Moody 
•    Guest registration
•    Secure video conferencing tech platform and app 
•    A dedicated event manager to run the virtual event smoothly
•    1 x Lewis Moody social media #hashtag post with your 
company name (post-event)
•    Event survey (post-event)
•    5% from the event profit donated under your company 
name to The Lewis Moody Foundation
•    Certificate | Business for Good 




18:00    Welcome by Lewis Moody MBE
18:10    Virtual Team Quiz starts 
18:50    Virtual Team Quiz concludes 
             Q&A starts
19:00    Event concludes 


Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40. The Foundation is passionate about changing this shocking fact, but we need your help. 


Please note: choose your preferable date and time. Itinerary example; timings are provisional and may be subject of change

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