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hosted by Leigh Easthope

A VIP virtual experience hosted by the BBC finalist creating together a scary transformation look!

Trick or treat?

The scariest day is upcoming and who ya gonna call?! OR should we say, with who will you video call?!

That’s right, get ready to get together with the BBC Glow up finalist to create a step-by-step scary make-up look celebrating the most fun and daunting day of the year! 

Leigh Easthope started his make-up career in a Halloween night and he has a special passion for this holiday.  

It would be a fun before and after virtual event challenge session showcasing the power of the make-up with the necessary make up items conveniently delivered at home. 

Don’t be afraid, and book this VIP experience to entertain your top level clients, employees or collaborators!




•    2 hours event experience hosted by Leigh Easthope 
•    Guest registration
•    Secure video conferencing tech platform 
•    Event survey (post-event)
•    Make up kit delivered to attendees home - UK mainland*

•    1 x Halloween Hamper as a prize for best make-up look
•    1 x social media post from Leigh Easthope with your company #hashtag
•    A dedicated event manager to run the virtual event smoothly
•    5% from the product profit will be donated as a single donation under your company name to akt charity, a UK registered charity that supports lgbtq+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment. 
•    Certificate | Business for Good

Please note: the charity is not the event organiser; the donation is proceeded in good faith.




18:00    Welcome from Leigh Easthope
18:15    Make up experience starts
19:30    Make up experience concludes 
              Q&A starts
20:00    Event concludes


Please note: choose your preferable date and time. Itinerary example; timings are provisional and may be subject of change

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