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Post #4: Sustainable & Social Impact Venue on the Spotlight: x+why, London UK

We found the coolest venue to host your next conference or evening networking!

x+why is a certified Social Enterprise, B Corp and the buildings are BREEM certified, the gold standard when it comes to green architecture! Check out the interview conducted by our Founder & Director Pamela Benitez with Alex Young the Community Engagement Manager at x+why.


Pamela Benitez was looking for a venue for a client conference that had sustainability and social impact at the core, when Louisa Ziane founder of Toast Ale, a social enterprise beer brand that creates beer using bread waste, recommended x+why. To her surprise, she couldn't believe how the space was so good and certified by many well-known organisations. Check out more about x+why:

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at x+why?

Hi 👋 my name is Alex and I'm the Community Engagement Manager at x+why. It's my role to ensure our members have everything they need and more when it comes to being able to use their business as a force for good at x+why. I work closely with our Chief Marketing officer and all of the incredible members of the community team that we have in each site. I help amplify our members stories through our platforms, connect them with one another and share opportunities with them that will help them progress. I also am heavily involved in our cultural programme of events, from our knowledge sharing workshops to our fun socials, our wellbeing focused activities to our networking meet-ups. I really enjoy meeting the inspiring businesses that come through our doors and playing a part in making their days positive. Ensuring our members are fully engaging in our community and benefiting from what we have on offer is how I measure success in my role! It's a very varied and people focused position, I absolutely love it.

How x+why generates social impact? What are the sustainability touchpoints to expect when using your venue?

x+why measures its social impact (as well as other vital factors) via the annual impact report, which you can read here. Our impact is generated through empowering and supporting our community.

Through partnering with local charities such as Switchback (who enable young men to find a way out of the justice system and build a stable, rewarding life they can be proud of) to Forgotten Women (a charity run by women for women, a charity dedicated to helping women in crisis and emergencies), we always seek ways of supporting powerful initiatives. From providing free space to assisting with fundraising, raising awareness to co-running events, we'll work out with the charitable partner what exactly they'd like to achieve and then give our all to backing them.

When it comes to sustainability, all x+why buildings are BREEM certified - the gold standard when it comes to green architecture. They each come with biophilic design, locally and environmentally sourced furniture, full fresh air handling systems and are fitted with sustainable materials including cork floors and Baux acoustic panels.

What was the most emblematic event hosted at x+why?

We ran a COP26 event as the climate summit began. Leveraging the local community, our very own members were on the front line of presenting an interactive and impactful evening of debate, discussion, and objective-setting for instigating actionable change.

Finally, what event organisers should know about x+why and why they should choose to host their events?

We have a range of beautiful spaces to suit professional engagements and events. We have previously hosted Holly Branson and Simon Sinek for a filmed interview, a 200 person awards ceremony for Escape the City, wellness events and classes, as well as seminars, talks, and workshops. If you're looking for a stand-out venue that your attendees will enjoy coming to, benefit from learning about and leave feeling inspired by then please do get in touch!

x+why, London UK | Profile

x+why is a flexible workspace & event space with a difference – we are on a mission to change the way the world works for good. We believe that advancing people and planet as well as profit goes beyond responsibility; it makes exceptional sense.

With three inspiring and inviting spaces in East and Central London, and more planned for across the UK, we are building a community of purpose-driven leaders, companies, and movements who understand that business should be a force for good!

The Virtual Events Experience

Would you like an event organised from start to end with sustainability and/or social impact in the core?

Then, look no further! The Virtual Events Experience can help you build an amazing event at x+why using only sustainable and/or social impact suppliers from the event registration platform to corporate gifting, contact us to know more about it:

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